SN Pet Animal Clinic,Krishna mandir near police station (PipalBot) imadol-1,Mahalaxmi,lalitpur.....01-5201188
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24 Hours Emergency Health Service

We are offering 24 hours emergency Medical Services of your pet such as diagnosis, complete Health Check-up, monitoring, emergency Surgery and joint  in our well-facilitated Clinic with knowledgeable and experience animal care professionals.


We provide the facilities of diagnosis and take care of pets through well-facilitated Medical Treatment with Highly experience veterans and medical facilitators in our clinics.

Pathology Lab

We provide Pathology lab Services with Whole Body Check-up such as Urine, Stool, Blood and many more.

Surgery of all kinds

We provide all kinds of surgery such as minor and Major. On Minor, we provide normal medical surgery and we provide all kinds of major surgery such as broken legs, bones, different parts surgery, and major stitch.

Medicine and Treatments of all kinds

we provide various kinds of medicines for various kinds of pets for various kinds of diseases along with diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of diseases through our well-medicine and experienced health service providers.